some handy cisco ios commands

just a few commands to get info out of a cisco switch. (only tried on 2960’s)

  • show spanning-tree summary

  • show spanning-tree bridge-group

  • show spanning-tree bridge detail

  • show interfaces [interface interface-number] status

  • show interfaces capabilities

  • show interfaces trunk

  • show interfaces

  • show interfaces counters

  • show interfaces counters errors

  • show controllers ethernet-controller

  • show vlan

  • sh mac address-table dynamic

  • show cdp neighbors detail

  • show diagnostic post

  • show processes cpu

  • debug spanning-tree all

  • no debug spanning-tree all

  • logging buffered

enable spanning-tree and portfast on an interface:

# enable
# configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
# interface Gi1/0/34
spanning-tree portfast
# interface Gi1/0/33
spanning-tree portfast